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College-Bound Intensives: Romeo & Juliet

Why Shakespeare?

Excerpt from a recent class

This excerpt is from the introduction to our series on Romeo & Juliet — it's part of a general introduction to Shakespeare.



College prep for students

Romeo & Juliet

Ten online classes

Instructor: Roy Speed

This in-depth study provides all the historical, cultural, and literary background needed to bring the play to life. As one of our College-Bound Intensives, the course takes students to an advanced level of reading comprehension and analysis.

Roy Speed is not only witty and engaging, but passionate about what he teaches. His classes have truly ignited in our students a deep interest in delving into difficult texts.

Karen T., parent


Ten online classes

Instructor: Roy Speed

For students, Hamlet can seem daunting — it's Shakespeare's longest play, with dark themes, complex ideas, and difficult verse. This course reveals the play's deepest secrets in an in-depth study of the play some consider Shakespeare's greatest.

In opening up the difficult texts Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, [Roy Speed] showed me the magnificence and intricacy of Shakespeare's work and provided me with skills crucial to succeeding in higher education.

— Matt W., student


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