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The Writer's Guide to Grammar

Our innovative program for learning the essentials of clear English

Essentials for writing clear English: grammar, usage, punctuationRoy Speed's Writer's Guide to Grammar provides complete training in English grammar, usage, and punctuation — but with a twist: Roy emphasizes the topics that students actually need to know.

Roy has taught writing for decades, both to business professionals and to students of all ages. He understands:

  • what students know and don't know;
  • what they think they know but actually know wrong.

Most important, Roy knows which concepts in sentence structure and punctuation prove most critical to effective writing.

He also understands the challenges with teaching this subject. So his Teaching Guide With Answer Key contains specific guidance on how best to teach this material.

Student Workbook

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The Writer's Guide to Grammar helps with all of the following challenges:

  • Moving knowledge into long-term memory. To drive home the critical concepts, the program is stealthy: it may not feel like it, but it incorporates drill, repetition, and review sufficient for students to master the critical guidelines for usage and punctuation.
  • Keeping students engaged. Among the standout features of the program are its variety and humor — both of which can be critical aids to learning. Put another way, drill and repetition must never feel like drill and repetition.
  • Applying the knowledge to real-world situations. The program is filled with activities that look not like grammar exercises, but real-life writing challenges — like memos, letters, articles, and essays.

This workbook serves both as a home-study course and as material for classroom coursework — e.g., for homeschooling co-ops. Using this material, your student can:

  • master the most important points of English grammar, punctuation, and usage;
  • perceive with little effort both the structure of a sentence and how proper punctuation can enhance the meaning;
  • employ with dictionary-precision a rich arsenal of English words.

Essentials for writing clear English: grammar, usage, punctuationTeaching Guide with Answer Key

The Teaching Guide for this program is remarkably easy to use. Its brilliant design makes lesson prep easy and enhances the teacher's delivery of lessons.

Key elements of the design:

  • The "Teaching Guide" precisely mirrors the "Student Workbook." All answers to exercises are overlaid directly on the student exercises — so no more flipping to the back of the book to find answers!
  • Teaching instructions and exercise answers are overlaid in color. As a result, parents and teachers can distinguish at a glance 1) material and instructions designed for the teacher, and 2) the concepts, examples, and exercises visible to the student(s).
  • The "Introduction for Teachers" offers guidance for running classes. The author relates lessons from his own experience with teaching this material in the classroom and, in the process, shows how teachers can maximize the value of the classroom experience.
  • For each topic, the Teaching Guide includes tips for enhancing students' understanding of the concept. These tips are always featured with bold headlines like why it matters and what to emphasize.



Student Workbook
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