Challenges for the college-bound student
Resources for Parents of College-Bound Students

"The object of education is to prepare the young
to educate themselves throughout their lives."

— Robert M. Hutchins
American educator & philosopher


Finishing strong: College Prep for Students; Training for Adults

A letter to parents of college-bound students

After 16 years of homeschooling — and surviving the college-application process — we realized that parents who are homeschooling through high school have formidable needs.

Fear and trembling. Homeschooling through high school is a daunting challenge. It is also an awesome responsibility. The stakes are high. Mistakes and missteps can prove costly.

As parents consider high school, options are limited, choices difficult:  Option A: Hire tutors? — Option B: Enroll in a bunch of AP classes? — Option C: Enroll in public school? — in private school?

Limited support. As we weighed our choices, we encountered limited help from any quarter:

  • lots of general advice but very little concrete guidance;
  • good information here and there, a number of valuable resources, but each was like a gem in a mountain of gravel — difficult to find, easily misplaced;
  • no help with prioritizing or maintaining perspective — the mountain of tasks involved (not to mention their dizzying variety) was driving us crazy;
  • high school-level courseware that we found increasingly dispiriting — with students' intellectual curiosity routinely sacrificed in favor of test prep.

We eventually managed to figure things out. Our son not only got accepted at his number-one school — he got into the honors program and was awarded a full scholarship for tuition, room, and board. He's performing well (Dean's list) and feels he's landed in exactly the right spot.

But crossing the finish line was a herculean task — and an intense learning process. We found ourselves wanting to share what we'd learned with like-minded families.

This website. This site was created for parents facing all the challenges of homeschooling through high school. Our aims:

  • For parents — help them navigate the minutiae of curriculum choices, record-keeping, and applying to college;
  • For students — provide challenging high school content geared not to taking AP exams, but to building skills critical to college-level work.

We're convinced that homeschooling through high school can provide terrific preparation for college. Although some standardized test prep is necessary, we hold fast in the belief that high school content should be engaging and should enlighten the mind. Our aim should be to produce well-educated young adults of character.

We have also been motivated by another conviction: if you can do it, we think homeschooling through the high school years can help cement your relationships with your kids.

And that's a cause worth fighting for.

— Diane & Roy Speed

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Online Course

History & Literature of
the Middle Ages

Live & online

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018
Mondays & Thursdays

Instructor: Roy Speed

Le Morte d'Arthur: GuinevereThis is a year-long online course in close reading of medieval texts. The emphasis is England and English literature, but a great deal of what the students learn about this period will be applicable to other European societies and cultures.

The "Medieval Millennium" extended from roughly 500 to around 1500 ad, encompassing a huge swath of British history. English literature of the period spans everything from Anglo-Saxon poetry and the epic poem Beowulf to The Canterbury Tales and Malory's Morte Darthur. This course provides historical perspective, traces the development of the English language, and takes students on a deep dive into the most important literature of the period.

Prerequisites:  For most students, Roy Speed's Shakespeare courses will prove adequate preparation.



Online Course

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Live & online

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018
Mondays & Wednesdays

Instructor: Nilay Aykent, M.D.

Your one-stop-shopping resource of informationThis online course is taught by an M.D. with years of practice in a variety of clinical settings. She uses a problem-based approach to reveal how the human body works — that is, once students understand how an organ system functions when everything is working as it should, they explore what happens when things go wrong. Common illnesses and injuries — both their causes and effective treatments — give students a canvas for compelling, in-depth analysis of each organ system.

Prerequisites:  None, but the course is appropriate only for mature students of high school age who can —

  • think critically;
  • engage in analytical problem-solving;
  • reason deductively.

Students who have not yet studied high school biology are welcome.


Training for parents

Homeschooling the
College-Bound Student

Live & online
Returning in 2018

Instructor: Diane Speed

Your one-stop-shopping resource of informationThis program addresses the principal concerns parents have about homeschooling through high school — everything you need to know about the high school curriculum and credits, standardized tests, transcripts and record-keeping, applying to college, pursuing scholarships, and much, much more.

Terrific. Full of information. The materials were so thorough. I now have a plan of action. Also, this workshop is inclusive: No matter what type of homeschooler you are, you will understand better how to prepare your student for college and present him or her in the best light.

Joni C.

To ask a question about the program
or to register, contact Diane Speed:
Tel. 203.744.2321


College-Bound Intensive

Novels by Women

Two semesters of online instruction
Returning in 2018

This year-long study features great works from around 1800 to the early 20th century — all by women. The primary activities in this course are as follows:
1) reading the novels on our reading list (see here); 2) class discussion of those readings;
3) writing two substantive essays of literary analysis.
All works are introduced with a historical perspective and are read in roughly chronological order, allowing students to trace cultural and artistic developments throughout the hundred-plus years represented by our authors.

Instructor: Roy Speed


College-Bound Intensive

Shakespeare's Macbeth

Seven online sessions

This course in close reading comprises seven sessions on Shakespeare's shortest tragedy. Macbeth shows what happens when a man with a conscience commits murder; it is, accordingly, an astute portrait of psychological unraveling. Students in this course study in great detail not just the psychology of the play's characters, but the remarkable imagery and verse of Shakespeare's later years.

Instructor: Roy Speed


College prep for students

Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

Ten online classes

Instructor: Roy Speed

Roy Speed has a wealth of information at his fingertips, as well as a vibrant teaching style that I believe capable of garnering the attention and intrigue of any student. As a freshman in college, I use the skills he taught me in high school every day. The texts I must read demand an aptitude for active reading and critical thinking. Roy taught me how to read difficult texts, analyze what I had read, and express myself clearly on paper.

Matt W., student

These online sessions provide an in-depth study of this play as well as the historical, cultural, and literary background needed to bring the play to life. This course is designed to take students to an advanced level of reading comprehension and analysis, enabling them to tackle sophisticated material across the spectrum of the college curriculum and dissect difficult passages included in standardized tests. Space is limited.


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