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Diane Speed

Diane Speed | Homeschooling MomDiane Speed has been a home educator for almost 15 years. Using an academic, college-prep program of her own design, she's tutoring two children from pre-school through high school. In 2013 her son completed high school and was awarded a full academic scholarship — tuition, room, and board — at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he is now studying music and film and, as part of the school's honors program, taking courses in a great books curriculum. Diane and Roy are happy they still have one at home: their 13-year-old daughter hopes one day to become a writer.

Diane is also the founder of the Classical Kids Network, the home-school support group she has led since its inception in 2001. Classical Kids now serves more than 200 families in CT and surrounding states. In 2007 Diane launched the group's website to enhance its services to member families. The website's library of resources is open to the public.

Prior to being a home-educator, Diane was a management consultant, designing team-building and sales-training programs, as well as software training programs.

Participant Reviews of Diane's training

Homeschooling the College-Bound Student

I do reviews and social media promotion for many homeschool products. I have looked at some of the resources available to homeschoolers preparing for college such as webinars, membership websites, and books. The knowledge you share and the materials you provide are by far the best I've come across! It feels complete. I don't feel like I have to go searching for more information!

— Amy L.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. All the information was helpful and relevant. I feel more confident in guiding my child through high school and finding the right schools to consider.

— Homeschooling Mom

I particularly found the information about the common app and how best to organize student achievements to be relevant and useful. All the information was thoughtfully presented. I think this workshop would be valuable to anyone with a high-school-age student.

— Homeschooling Mom

I feel so much better prepared and excited in this journey of college preparation for my twin daughters.

Jenny C.

Terrific. Full of information. Gave me a plan of action. This workshop is inclusive: No matter what type of homeschooler you are, you will understand better how to prepare your student for college and present him or her in the best light.

Toni C.


Roy Speed

Roy Speed | Homeschooling DadRoy Speed is a professional educator in the business world and a homeschooling dad. He has a B.A. in English from Northwestern and a passion for history and for Shakespeare.

In the business world, Roy is a writing consultant, a creator of writing training, and a designer of eLearning programs. He is also a guest lecturer on business writing to MBA students at Wharton and to undergraduate business students at Baruch College.

He has served large organizations across North America and Europe, and one of his programs has been translated into seven languages. His writing programs are now required training for more than 150,000 employees at companies around the world.

For more than ten years Roy has taught literature, history, writing, and grammar to students of all ages. His teaching challenges students and — even with subjects some might consider dull —  inspires real passion. His programs break down complex ideas into understandable units and complex tasks into achievable steps.

Students in Roy's classes develop essential skills they can apply across the curriculum. In recent years he has concentrated on the needs of middle- to high-school-age students and, in particular, the skills involved in reading difficult texts. Among the recent courses he has taught:

  • Romeo & Juliet;
  • Hamlet;
  • Ancient History through Herodotus;
  • History & Literature of the Middle Ages;
  • Appreciating Essays;
  • Novels by Women — including Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.

Reviews of Roy's teaching

Romeo & Juliet

In high school, I took an in-depth study of Shakespeare's Hamlet with Roy Speed. His teaching style is interesting, engaging, and humorous, and I always looked forward to class. I enjoyed learning how to pull apart a text and analyze it, as well as studying Shakespeare's vocabulary and learning historical facts about the time period. As an engineering student in college, I continue to read difficult texts for pleasure and am able to write well, whether it's a research paper or a technical writing piece. These skills are due to the analyzing instructions Mr. Speed taught me. His classes will stimulate interest in the subject matter and curiosity in the fields of history and literature.

— Elizabeth T., student

I found him to be very well organized and was impressed with his teaching style and interaction with the students. Mr. Speed commands his students' attention with his passion and knowledge, providing them with historical and literary context. His approach was not to over-simplify the concepts, but to respect his students' intelligence and have meaningful and appropriate discussions about the play's various themes. This in turn earned him his students' respect.

— Karyn B., parent

Roy Speed is very knowledgeable of Shakespeare, and his appreciation for Shakespeare is contagious. When sharing with his students the lines that are meaningful, beautiful, or humorous to him, he invites students to experience Shakespeare in a deeper way. He encourages active participation from his students. First, he models thoughtful discussion of the characters, the plot, and Shakespeare's style, and then he expects insightful and thoughtful answers to the questions he puts to his students.

— Vicki B., parent


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