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Early reading for your child

Excerpt from a talk: "Homeschooling Demystified"

Here Diane Speed discusses how to get your child to fall
in love with books — physical books — and a practical
reading regime to support that goal.


Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay: Part 3

Five things about writing our students are never taught

Here Roy Speed shows something all students
need to understand about
sentence structure.


excerpt from workshop for parents

What course credits does
my student need?

In her workshop for parents, Diane Speed
discusses curriculum planning.


Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay: Part 1

Five things about writing most students are never taught

Roy Speed talks to homeschooling parents
about their students' writing.


excerpt from workshop for parents

Does your student have "grit"?

In her workshop for parents, Diane Speed discusses character
traits psychologist Angela Duckworth calls "grit."


excerpt from a live class

Electronegativity & periodic trends

Diane Speed discusses with her chemistry students some
of the effects of electronegativity in atoms and molecules.


Grammar for the Real World — Part 1

How grammar is taught today;
Things our kids learn from reading.

Roy Speed gives a wide-ranging talk to homeschooling
parents on missed opportunities in our grammar instruction.
This is Part 1 of this talk.

Coming soon: Parts 2 & 3 of this talk.

excerpt from a live class

Romeo & Juliet: The Prologue

Roy Speed discusses with students
the Prologue to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.




Advocating for oneself,
Part 1:

How adolescents learn to stand up for themselves

by Diane Speed

Advocating for oneself,
Part 2:

College admissions essays & interviews

by Diane Speed

The development of adolescent minds

Reconsidering the high school curriculum:
What it's really about

by Roy & Diane Speed

Beyond the tour

Getting the most from your college visits

by Diane Speed

Advanced mathematics

How much math does my highschooler need?

by Diane Speed

Annotating the text, Part 1

Does your student annotate? Does it matter?

by Roy Speed

Annotating the text, Part 2

Levels of annotation:
Students who annotate books make them their own

by Roy Speed

The college admissions racket

Getting things into perspective

by Diane Speed

Taking lecture notes

What it takes for our students to learn this vital skill

by Diane Speed


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