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Homeschooling Fundamentals - Getting startedHomeschooling

Getting started with a structured approach

I was fortunate to attend a workshop you led when I first started homeschooling. To this day I refer to the handouts you created. When people talk to me about homeschooling, I share your amazing materials with them to show them that they too can do it.

— Homeschooling dad of two

The decision to homeschool is daunting. Parents ask themselves: Am I qualified to be my child's teacher? — They worry about missing essential topics or even entire subjects that are critical to a thorough academic plan. What's more, newcomers to homeschooling are seldom aware of the wide range of options now available — options that make it feasible for homeschooling parents to provide to their kids a world-class education.

This workshop provides essential information that empowers you to create an effective, workable educational plan. It also gives you concrete tools for effective homeschooling:

  • The Trivium. Using this ancient model of cognitive development to inspire your child and enhance his or her intellectual capabilities.
  • Great books. Using "great books" as the core of your homeschool curriculum. Plus: "Living books" vs. textbooks.
  • Developing a love of learning & child-led learning. Games and projects for learning as alternatives to worksheets.
  • Reading. Establishing good reading habits in your household.
  • Developing writing skills in your student. The limited role of grammar, handwriting, and dictation in developing your child's "voice" in writing.
  • The home-educator as manager. Goal-setting and end-of-year assessments.

Download our course descriptionDuring the workshop, there will be time both for Q&A and for perusing curriculum samples selected for their quality and suitability.

Payment of your fee ensures your space in the workshop.

Fee: $89. For a two-parent couple: $150. The fee includes printed reference materials and course booklet.

Instructor: Diane Speed. (To learn about Diane, see About Us).

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Course outline

  • Part 1: Philosophies of home-education. A tutorial with detailed explanation of structured approaches
    — including The Trivium, The Well-Trained Mind, Charlotte Mason, and more.
  • Part 2: Tailoring your approach. A primer on tailoring the approach to your needs and circumstances. Topics will include developing your own curriculum, transitioning to homeschooling from school, homeschooling multiple children, and more.
  • Part 3: From Home-educator to Manager. Ways to organize yourself and motivate your child: schedules, goal-setting, assessments, and more.

Participants' comments

The workshop re-grounded me! I have been on the fence about changing my approach, and I now feel I see where I want to go. This workshop offers a solid review of how to establish and maintain a child-centered, classically-focused homeschooling program.

— Kate K.

It was great to see the array of materials that I could page through. Diane, the presenter, is articulate, and the information is well organized. I feel so excited about homeschooling and much more prepared.

— Hawk J.

The workshop covered a broad range of topics and addressed everything I had questions about. There is so much information packed into this well thought-out session.

— Recent participant

Once again you have led me in what seems to be the right direction. You are definitely a lady with many resources in that brain of yours. I feel blessed to have met you.

— Homeschooling mom of three


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